Are You Saying “Green” or Being “Green”?: Go Paperless with VendorPriceBook

“Going green” is a marketable strategy for many businesses. But, is your company really eco-friendly or simply “greenwashing” the truth? Some vendors offer recycled or energy-efficient products, but these eco-friendly options still only represent a small percentage of the market. Until “green” materials gain traction in the flooring industry, what can retailers and vendors do reduce their carbon footprint?  Retailers may not be able to control the kind of product in their showrooms, but they can control how they receive their price books. Now, everyone has the option to go paperless.

The flooring industry is currently in a state of flux, struggling to update the outdated, paper-based pricing system. provides flooring vendors and retailers an opportunity to transition into the 21st century. Toss those price books into the recycle bin and access all your pricing in one eco-friendly and efficient cloud-based web system with

By adding to your “green routine,” not only will your products be eco-friendly, but also your management and operations. is an essential addition to all companies interested in environmentally-conscious business practices. allows retailers and vendors in the flooring industry to eliminate waste by going paperless, reducing their carbon footprint, and streamlining their day-to-day operations.

But maybe you think “going green” is a hippie fad that sounds nice, but doesn’t make sense for your company’s bottom line. The good news is that going paperless is actually a financial benefit for the flooring industry.

We all know that vendors must provide their price lists to retailers for businesses to run smoothly. The problem is, the paper-based system is costly, disorganized, and quickly becoming outdated.

Let’s say, for example, that XYZ Distributor provides price binders to 500 retailers in the Southwest. It costs $7 to print one price binder and $1.50 to print and ship pricing updates (in a smaller manila envelope, for example). To deliver the price binders to their 500 retailers, XYZ Distributor must spend thousands of dollars to ship them across several states and/or hundreds of man-hours for sales agents to deliver these price binders in person to their retailers.

But the cost is not exclusive to the vendor. Retailers often receive emails and faxes with pricing updates from their vendors. They must print these pages, and add them to their existing price binders. They must go through this process with every new price updates, product modification, or when a product becomes out of stock. This doesn’t include the man-hours spent in and out of the office trying to contact vendors over the phone for accurate product information that is not provided in the hard copy documents.

Most vendors and retailers are already using the Internet to maintain a company web page or at least check their email. It makes good business sense to utilize as a tool for streamlining your business, reducing printing and shipping costs, increasing productivity, organizing access to price lists, AND helping save the environment.

This system will benefit ALL vendor and retailer relationships. And the best part, IT’S EASY. “Going green” doesn’t have to be a headache or a financial burden. will make your work more efficient and reduce costs created for the current paper-based system. It will save retailers and vendors time and money, and result in a satisfied end-user experience.

Going paperless with makes sense for the environment, and cents for your business.

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